Care System 101

The course deals in detail with all the different functions and uses of the Care System, built by the CoronaSafe Network.
# CARE from CoronaSafe CoronaSafe Care System is that centralized Capacity and management tool which is a conglomerate of Patients, doctors, hospitals, labs, specialized treatment centres, hospital administrators, district administers etc. ![image (7).png]( It is essentially a platform where any healthcare facility can create a profile and enter their total assets including the beds within a treatment centre, the strength of health care professionals, inventory of medicines and other medical supplies. In addition to it, CARE is also an effective and simple to use patient management portal that securely stores all patient data and provides smart and insightful analytics. Testing and sample management is also another function that makes CARE a one-stop comprehensive support system for healthcare facilities. The tool generates dashboards and intelligent analytics for the administrators both at the hospital level as well as decision-makers at the state level so that the healthcare assets within any state is efficiently utilised to its best capacity.
1 Week
Community Response Network 101